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In Danish viking culture their weapon was extremely important to them. For most it was seen as their ticket into Valhalla. Also, unlike today, hand crafted items were meant to last a lifetime, you couldn’t just head down to the Home Depot and grab a new axe. If I were to Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Shirt chose one tool that I would keep and use for the rest of my life I imagine I would like it to look pretty ballin’. Especially if it was a point of pride for me. Why would someone buy Golden iPhone or other luxury items? The same way as Vikings, common warriors definitely couldn’t afford such decorated weapons. Unless you had knowledge and skills how to do it yourself. Some ornaments may have also served religious porpoise and have been seen as a talisman or lucky charm.

Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Ladies Tee For Men And Women

Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Tank Top
Tank Top
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I didn’t know about spears, but I know their swords were far more prized than their axes, as the swords needed more, higher-quality steel. As a result, there are lots of Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Shirt named swords in the sagas that get handed down between generations, but less so with the axes. You didn’t know it because it isn’t really true. Early “Viking” swords from the 7th through the 9th centuries are almost always pattern welded with hard steel edges welded to a soft steel or iron core. This is generally considered the classical dark age sword. It’s only the later period pieces like the Ulfbehrts which are not.  Ulfberht is a Frankish name and was likely the brand of whoever manufactured them. The best Viking swords came from the Carolingian Empire, specifically from Cologne in modern day Germany which was in Francia back then.

Official Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Shirt
Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Hoodie

The Emperor outlawed the sale of Frankish weapons to Scandinavia since they were raiding and had even sacked Paris, but manufacturers still did it. Even back then there was an illegal international arms trade. My guess would be because spears could be thrown? Therefore the spear was the more common weapon that required retrieval. The patterns could help identify their weapon. I am uneducated in the subject – this is just a complete guess.  Imagine spending all the time and effort to Tony Fernandez # 1 in Our Hearts 2020 Shirt make an intricately beautiful axe. Then you go onto the battlefield and immediate get shot and killed by an arrow.. That’s only good. They go straight to Valhal with that fucking awesome axe, fuck virgins and chop each other’s  only good.

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