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A few months ago a coworker noticed the purple bruise in the crook of She’S Someone’S Sister Mother Daughter Wife Shirt my elbow. She asked how I got it so I told her it from donating blood. She made a funny face so I asked, ‘You don’t like needles?’ She told me, ‘No, it’s not that. Just donating blood. My bloods mine. Should be kept in me.’ Strange opinion but I respect that. So I asked her, ‘if you were in an accident and needed some would you expect to be given it?’ ‘Well of course. If I needed it they would have to give me some.’ There is an option for synthetic blood. Blood substitutes aren’t even close to the quality of “real” blood but they exist and are sometimes used for Jehovah’s Witnesses or other people who don’t want real blood or in cases where there’s a scarcity of actual blood.

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She'S Someone'S Sister Mother Daughter Wife Tank Top
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A whole bunch of people shitting on Singapore. People thinking that doctors won’t try to save you so they can rip out your organs. Some body autonomy people who think it’s not right they would get lower priority just because they refuse to contribute. 1 guy that’s against it but also realized he shouldn’t receive organs because he’s against it, at least he’s consistent. 1 guy dropped an Always Sunny reference that apparently no one appreciated. If you go deep with some people like that you find out that She’S Someone’S Sister Mother Daughter Wife Shirt they’re not listed as an organ donor because they think that when you get severely injured and end up at a hospital that doctors will decide to let you die so they can harvest your organs. Like doctors all completely detached utilitarians who can just let people die with absolutely no repercussions.

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She'S Someone'S Sister Mother Daughter Wife Sweatshirt
She'S Someone'S Sister Mother Daughter Wife Hoodie

Was it an episode of Scrubs or something that said that first? I remember hearing it when I first got my license and it actually made me check “no.” Then I started dating a girl who’s dad was a doctor and he told me I’m a fucking idiot so I changed it when I renewed my license. I’m in medicine. At the hospitals I have experience at, the organ donation team is a completely separate team located at a different, major academic hospital, who don’t know about your existence until well after you’ve passed. Then, if they have a potential donor who meets the stringent criteria, the patient said they want to She’S Someone’S Sister Mother Daughter Wife Shirt donate, the family doesn’t override it and say no, they don’t have disqualifying diseases, or injuries, they can be kept viable until the donation team arrives.

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