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My little brother passed in a car accident a couple of years ago. He was able to donate what was a record number of organs for that hospital. Heart, lungs, corneas, liver-kidney (I can’t remember which now), and others. It was by far the saddest time of my life, and somebody definitely started cutting onions while I was typing this, but knowing he helped so many people make it a lot easier. He’s basically a superhero. I obviously still get upset about it, but he saved multiple lives. 27 is way too young, but that’s how I want to go. Part me out to those who need it. Interesting fact- my brother was 4 when he died in a farm accident in Stop Drop And Live Suicide Prevention Shirt 1994. All of his organs were donated as it was solely brain death. His organs can and did go into adult recipients. The organs continue to grow to adult size! We’ve gotten to know the boy and his family who received my brother’s heart.

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It heals my soul still 26 years later thinking of how he saved improved so many lives. Barbara must get off before Erv, but Basdon cannot get off before Michael. The person carrying the stethoscope must get off last. There are 7 stories in the building. Who has the transplanted heart? I really have to Stop Drop And Live Suicide Prevention Shirt think it is. Been around here for 8 or 9 years and probably in the last 4 or so I’ve noticed that the amount of terribly worded, near non-sensical titles that make it to the front page has gone way up. I think it’s just as simple as being an attention grabber. You are forced to read it more than one time cause the title sucks, so you process the information/story on a more significant level once you figure it out and they are more likely to upvote it. Usually, in these no context pictures of random people, you have to read the title to figure out wtf is going on in the photo.

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In this case, you have to look at the photo to Stop Drop And Live Suicide Prevention Shirt figure out wtf is going on in the title.  In the US at least, no one checks to see if you are an organ donor until you are already dead. The only guidelines they follow are if the patient requests to have CPR/intubation or not. If they don’t know your preference, they will automatically do everything possible to save your life. Only when they have done this, and the patient will not survive, do they look into organ donation. And that is typically done by a third party to ensure protocols have been followed and you are an eligible candidate. I’m intimately familiar with this situation, I’ve made this comment before so here is the shorthand. I know you don’t believe this, but last time I wrote this out there was an argument about it.

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